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I grew up in small-town Maryland about an hour away from D.C. Fun fact — I lived next to a horse farm and I'm allergic to horses. I mostly spent my K-12 years honing my art and writing skills. I also learned to play a traditional Chinese instrument, the guzheng. I've worked on NASA robots, an X-plane, and satellites; I've also hiked a sulphur volcano and jumped out of a plane.

Some more about me: I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from electronics to entrepreneurship to visual arts to space exploration. I graduated from Richard Montgomery High School with my International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2014, with Higher Levels in English Literature, European History, and Mathematics (Discrete). I also studied the arts seriously, winning multiple national awards for writing and visual arts, and was highly involved in volunteering and local leadership, receiving the Maryland Certificate of Meritorious Service upon graduation for over 300 logged community service hours.

Instead of pursuing liberal arts as I had planned, I discovered the joys of engineering in college, and graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and minor in Computer Science. During my time there, I worked an open-source robotics platform in the Creative Machines Lab, and was involved to a high level in several student organizations such as the Columbia MakerSpace, Columbia University Women in Computer Science, and Columbia Formula SAE. I also co-founded the Columbia Space Initiative, bringing space exploration to both college students and K-12 students alike, and presenting at venues such as the NY Hall of Science, the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, the Double Discovery Center. For my work, I was named a 2017 Aviation Weekly / AIAA's 20 Twenties and received the King’s Crown Leadership Excellence: Indelible Mark award. Upon graduation, I was honored to receive both the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship to fund my graduate studies.


I've won national art and writing competitions, and have been published twice before.

For pictures of my work, I recommend checking out my Instagram! I post my photos, current artwork, and sculptures/maker stuff there!

As per usual trend, I didn't document all my work too well. Going back to high school, I'm also rather fond of my work on my high school newspaper where I was Editor-in-Chief, or my leadership in the RM Black Maskers Drama Club where I was stage manager, publicity director, and a set designer/constructor. Unfortunately, I no longer have photos of my designs, but just contact me if you want to know more!